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Mar 22, 2022 · It was built between 1994 and 2001 and is known from cities like Nuremberg, Bonn and Regensburg.

class=" fc-falcon">Nikolsky District Map mod for Omsi 2. Tight curves Private repaint + four different commercials Announcements AI trains and AI lines Construction sites Many small villages About 20 minutes driving time. Maps in OMSI 2 usually contain files throughout several folders.

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The long-awaited new version of the Ruhrau card has been released. .


Repainting, some textures.

2_map_omsi_2. Maps / Omsi 2; 1; Michurino Map V0.

When it comes to optimalization, I guess it's very good and you shouldn't have any problems with FPS. It's quiet, old and has some challenging roads for you to explorer.

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File name: Russian_Hinterland_2.

. 1 maps;. Buses 14.

Russian Hinterland Steep Ascent map mod for Omsi 2. Online communities modify video games to make them better, weirder and more wonderful. Ivan. 0 Map for Omsi 2. . .


Omsi 2 - Maps Mods. I am looking for someone to modify my OMSI2 game by adding three specific maps of my choice and some buses without breaking the game.


A fictional map consisting of 5 bus routes following from a single point in different directions.


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9, Gostomysl, Suzdal, Gorodets.